Changes to version 2.8.6

2.8.62021-06-10ocaFreeEdgeCurveAdded the attribute isUVspace to the FreeEdgeCurve definition. The default is false and the FreeEdgeCurve is given in the 3D space as a normal. The exporting apllication may set this attribute to true and provide the FreeEdgeCoordinates UV coordinates. This will only be relevant for NURBS3D curves.
2.8.62021-05-10ocaBoundigBoxChanged model for BoundigBox to Choice[2,2] meaning both Max and Min shall be provided, but sequence is not important. For testing the 3DOCXValidator
2.8.62021-05-10ocaBarSectionChanged model for BarSection to Choice[1,1] meaning one and only one bar type shall be provided. For testing the 3DOCXValidator
2.8.62021-05-10ocarefTypeAdded ocx:EdgeReinforement to enumerator in ocx:refType attribute
2.8.62021-03-26ocafunctionTypeChanged the type "LONGITUDINAL: Hopper side top tank"; to"LONGITUDINAL: Hopper side uppert"; in functionType.
2.8.62021-03-26ocafunctionTypeChanged the type ;LONGITUDINAL: Hopper side bilget; to ;LONGITUDINAL: Hopper side bottom; in functionType.
2.8.62021-03-26ocafunctionTypeIntroduced a new type ;LONGITUDINAL: Top tank; in functionType.
2.8.62021-03-26ocaXSpacingGroupRenamed FrameSpacingGroup to XSpacingGroup
2.8.62021-03-18ocaBracketBugfix: Made LimitedBy optional on Bracket.
2.8.62021-03-18ocaEdgeReinforcementBugfix: Changed Material to Material to MaterialRef for the EdgeReinforcement
2.8.62021-03-18ocaFrameSpacingGroupFixed a typo in the attribute name firstGridNumber in the FrameSpacingGroup.
2.8.62021-03-18ocaVesselGridRenamed the VesselGrid FrameTable to XGrid for a concistent semantic.
2.8.62021-03-12ocaEdgeReinforcementAdded TraceLine to EdgeReinforcement.
2.8.62021-03-12ocaEdgeCurveRefRemoved BoundingBox from EdgeCurveRef and made EdgeCurveRef unbounded to reference more than one curve.
2.8.62021-03-08ocaRootRefChanged RootRef type from EntityRefBase_T to RootRef_T.
2.8.62021-03-08ocaEntityRefBaseAdded ChildRef to the EntityRefBase occurrence group.
2.8.62021-03-08ocaPillarMade LimitedBy optional on Memeber concepts (Pillar).
2.8.62021-02-01ocaEdgeReinforcementIntroduced a new EdgeReinforcement entity used for describing edge reinforcments of Panel,Plate or Bracket free edges.
2.8.62021-01-01ocaStiffenedByAdded the EdgeReinforcement entity to the StiffenedBy definition
2.8.62021-02-01ocaBracketParametersRenamed the BracketParameters concept EdgeReinforcement -> FlangeEdgeReinforcment as we now introduced a new EdgeReinforcement concept which is part of StiffenedBy.
2.8.62021-01-11ocaRootRefBugfix: Added missing mandatory attribute refType to RootRef.
2.8.62021-01-11ocaZGridIntroduced a new ZGrid concept which defines the grid positions of the vessel along the Z axis.
2.8.62021-01-11ocaYGridIntroduced a new YGrid concept which defines the grid positions of the vessel along the Y axis.
2.8.62021-01-11ocaXGridIntroduced a new XGrid frepresenting a frame table concept which is not to be confused with the existing FramTables (in plural) entity. The XGrid is a concept which defines the frame positions of the vessel along the X axis by giving frame number, spacing and count. The purpose of the XGrid concept is to give a compact definition of the vessel grid system for navigating the 3D model. This concept shall not be used for crating bounds to other objects in LimitedBy.
2.8.62021-01-10ocaVesselGridIntroduced a new VesselGrid entity which defines a collection of X, Y and Z grid definitions.
2.8.62021-01-10ocaCoordinateSystemThe FrameTables entity is kept for backward compatibility. It might change in a future schema version..
2.8.62020-11-04ocaCellBugfix: Changed supertype of Cell from EntityBase to GeometryRepresentation
2.8.62020-11-04ocaEntityBaseBugfix: Removed assertion on EntityBase as this is not necessary when IdBase has a mandatory attribute "id.
2.8.62020-11-04ocaIdBaseBugfix: Made attribute "id" mandatory on all elements inheriting from IdBase.