How to join the OCX-IF

To join the OCX-IF interoperability testing forum, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Have at least a prototype OCX translator, i.e., an implementation of a preprocessor (OCX Export) and/or a postprocessor (OCX import) based on the OCX standard.
  • Have public Internet access - all exchanging of files and results is done via the web. E-mail is used extensively for issue discussion and communication of statistics.
  • Sign the OCX-IF nondisclosure agreement - This agreement states that neither we (the OCX Consortium) nor you (the participant) will release/publish/discuss any vendor-specific results from the testing. It is this agreement that has led to the unprecedented cooperation among implementors in the forum.
  • Either be an OCX Full member or an Observer.
  • Pay the yearly OCX-IF fee (only eligible for Implementors). The fee covers the facilitation of the test round and the test infrastructure.
  • Attend scheduled OCX Interoperability Forum meetings, where we discuss testing results, identify issues, and develop resolutions.
  • Participate in conference calls.
  • Actively collaborate in the OCX Interoperability Testing.